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Wanda, Your Mommy Posted a greeting on 12/16/2005: "Sam, as I watch u sleep, I can't contain all the love I feel 4 u. U're the most precious thing in my life. I love u."
Linda Posted a greeting on 12/13/2005: "Take very good care of her as im sure you are b/c she's a BEAUTIFUL lil girl!! I LOVE her cloth especially her coats...."
Linda Diaz Posted a greeting on 12/13/2005: "She's grown up sooo fast, it's amazing to compare all her pics and see how big she has gotten since 3/31/05."
Maxiel Gomez Posted a greeting on 12/09/2005: "I can't believe how big she has gotten! I love love love that coat!."
Rg Posted a greeting on 12/06/2005: "cute baby :)."
Cielo David Posted a greeting on 12/05/2005: "'s the beautiful baby.."
Seshan P. Posted a greeting on 12/03/2005: "Best wishes for long and best life."
Samantha Payne Posted a greeting on 11/29/2005: "You are so cute you look like my little angle. Your eyes are like little stars. Grow and be a good little girl."
Wanda Morillo Posted a greeting on 11/25/2005: "Sammy, thank God for you! What would I do without you? Your smile lights up my life!! Love you forever."
Lala Posted a greeting on 11/18/2005: "hi sammy, just passing through to see ur lil smile. hope u being a good girl. ;-)god bless u today tomorrow n always.."
Linda Diaz Posted a greeting on 11/15/2005: "God bless sam,I love going in weekly to see her updates and any new pictures because she surely is a blessing from above."
Alondra Morillo Posted a greeting on 11/13/2005: "hi sam i just passing some love to you to tia wand and tia jessica. so i hope you take care l love you all."
Leilani Panaglima Posted a greeting on 11/10/2005: "i love your pictures.your so cute samantha.have a good luck and god bless you."
Harley Alderson Posted a greeting on 11/06/2005: "she is a cutie shes gonna be a heartbreaker someday :)."
MICHAREN SOTO Posted a greeting on 11/02/2005: "DIOS TE BENDIGA SAMANTHA."
Leilani Friend From Hawaii Posted a greeting on 10/27/2005: "Sammy, you sure have grown. What a beautiful girl. God Bless You."
Yudy Hernandez Posted a greeting on 10/13/2005: "Muchos besitos para la bebe mas linda. God bless you always Sammy!!!."
Lola Alvarez-morillo Posted a greeting on 10/13/2005: "samantina cada dia eres mas bonita,parece una tia lola."
Delenia Galan Posted a greeting on 10/06/2005: "I don't know you in person.. but I love your website and the pictures.. God bless u always Samantha..."
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